Undisclosed Genocide of Baloch Nation

Pakistani and Iranian forces are jointly engaged in military operation against Baloch nation, in south Balochistan. This state supervised joint military operation started on 18th August, 2009 in Kulber valley which is now engulfing other villages of Makran like Tump, Mand, and Bal Negor. Gunship Helicopters, Jet Fighter aircrafts and heavy artilleries are being used against unarmed civilians, in the other hand military search operation is being carried out against the Baloch political and social activists, many of them have been arrested and being tortured severely in Pakistani Military torture cells. Residents of affected towns are on road including children and women to protest against the barbarian act of Pakistan and Iran.


This operation was not planed overnight but the first phase of this operation started when Pakistani security forces and agencies started harassing Baloch journalists, arresting (disappearing) Baloch students and political leaders, forcing Baloch friendly newspaper (Asaap) to close down. Murder of the most prominent Baloch political leaders Martyr Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, Lala Munir and Sher Mohammed, who were tortured to death by Pakistani security forces, was also a part of the preparation of this operation.


The whole world already knows that Iran is a terrorist state where human rights mean nothing to its regime. The recent episode was seen by the world during Iranian presidential elections. Joining hands with Iranian forces Pakistan has proved to the world that it is not different than Iran. Not only in Balochistan but Pakistan is also involved in cross border terrorism in Afghanistan and India.

Baloch nation appeals to the international community to formally declare Pakistan and Iran as Terrorist States. And support Baloch nation who is fighting for its independence for the last 62 years. Makran military operation by Pakistani and Iranian forces can not stop Baloch nation from their struggle for freedom instead it will raise their morale and shows how weak and distress these colonist and expansionist states are due to Baloch national struggle for independence.


Makran Joint Military Operation Map:



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