Baloch nation condemns vindictiveness against a Baloch journalist

Although upsetting, but not surprising to know that a negative campaign has been launched by some ISI paid Pakistani journalists and some other “ultra-nationalist Punjabi chauvinists” against a prominent Baloch journalist Mr. Malik Siraj Akbar for revealing the truth about Baloch issue in international media.

This negative propaganda has started against Mr. Akbar when his recent article, A Home Grown Conflict, was published in the Times of India on August 11, 2009. In this article Mr. Akbar highlighted the state’s brutality and conscious suppression against Baloch nation by the state of Pakistan . The negative forces against Baloch nation, demanding Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) to condemn the article and constitute a legal action committee against him. As identified by Mr. Akbar in his online blog, Amid chauvinists’ propaganda, this article has brought him a lot of abusive and threatening phone calls and e-mails. Some other are reaching his editor to get him fired from his job, as he is Balochistan bureau chief of Daily Times.

Above incident is just another example to the whole world that in Pakistan what happen to a voice which speaks for Baloch nation. This is the not the first time when a Baloch journalist has been victimized in Pakistan for being Baloch and truth conscious. We have previous examples like Mir Moh’d Ali Talpur, Jan Moh’d Dashti, and others. Jan Moh’d Dashti escaped an assassination attempt on 23rd February 2009. Whether it is so-called democratic Pakistan or Iran from Baloch journalists, students, intellectuals, historians, political leaders to ordinary Baloch, everybody is subject to state suppression and discrimination. If a Baloch is fearless then he will be tortured to death like Martyr Ghulam Moh’d Baloch (Baloch political leader) in Pakistan and hanged to death like Martyr Yaghub Mehrnehad (Baloch journalist, social worker and teacher) in Iran . As per the international and local human rights organizations more than eight thousand such fearless Baloch voices are bearing day night torture in army torture cells all over Pakistan . And their love ones are praying for their safe return with tears in their eyes. On the other hand, so called champions of freedom of speech, Pakistani media is very busy in promoting fake representatives of Baloch nation to mislead already brainwashed Pakistani and international community. In this situation, of course, Mr. Akbar is very disturbing to Pakistani imperialists.

We strongly condemn this negative propaganda and vindictiveness against Mr. Akbar. We request organizations of journalists all over the world to do needful to protect the rights of Baloch journalists working in Pakistan and Iran . We also request international community to take immediate notice of human rights violations against Baloch nation in Pakistan and Iran .

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