Pakistan Iran unites in an operation against Baloch nation

File Photo

File Photo

According to reports received by Sagaar, there is an operation going on in Awaman (Tump), where Pakistani and Iranian forces have joined hands to quell the ongoing Baloch movement for Independence. Gunship helicopters are being used and heavy artillery is targeting the unarmed civilians in the area. A complete shutter down strike is being observed in the adjacent areas of Awaman, including Turbat and Mand. The local people are on roads and protesting against Iran and Pakistan. Sagaar had not yet received any casualty report though, as the conditions are being told by the local people casualties are expected.

This must be taken into consideration that Baloch pro independence nationalist organizations have been predicting such an attack on the civilians from quite a time and it seems to have started from Awaman where the notorious countries of Pakistan and Iran are using heavy weaponry against the unarmed local people.

Baloch Students Organization Azaad and Baloch nation appeals the international organizations to immediately stop the mass killings done by Iran and Pakistan and appeals United Nations to immediately interfere in Balochistan to stop further innocent casualties in Balochistan. Baloch people have been victims of  Iranian and Pakistani Butchery and this is not the first instance that Iran and Pakistan have joined hands to crush the Baloch movement and snatch their hopes for freedom, but international silence have made them continue their barbarism. Freedom and peace loving people must not feel shy in exposing the atrocities done by both the countries and they must immediately act to prevent further civilian live losses.


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