London: Balochistan Independence Day meeting and protest report

london-meeting-110809LONDON: Baloch community in London has held a protest demonstration and meeting in London in the day of Balochistan Independence Day 11, August 2009. The Protest rally was headed by Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri, Representatives of World Sindhi Congress and different Baloch groups who attended the protest rally. The main aim of the protest demonstration was to remind the International Community that Balochistan was an Independent state once and Pakistan has illegally occupied Balochistan at gunpoint. At the end of the protest a petition was delivered to British Prime Minister’s place at 10 Downing Street.

After the protest rally a meeting was held at Polish Culture and Art center. The main guests of the meeting were Khan of Kalat Suleman Khan, Nawabzada Hyrbair Marri and Surya Makhdom of World Sindhi Congress. Ismael Amiri Chaired the meeting. Ms Estella a renowned Human Rights Activist was also present at the meeting.

Severl Baloch political activists have expressed their views speaking at the occasion.

SAMAD BALOCH said, Baluch still call themselves free nation, and Baluch are resisting occupation. The day is not far when Baluchistan will become independent state once again. “Baluch struggle is defensive and they are defending their land and people from foreign aggression” he said. Baloch are not trying to occupy anyone else’s land but Baloch are fighting for their freedom which is their birth right, he added.

RAHIM BANDOI said Baluch should tolerate each other’s party positions and views as long as that party works toward the Baluch sovereignty over Baluchistan. There are many ways to fight oppression. He said the only way forward was to remove the element of mistrust among ourselves. He said Persian and Pakistani (Punjabis) have occupied us using the same method of mistrust.

WALID GRBONI’s speech mainly rotated around the personality of Mir Ghaus Bax Bezinjo and his role in Baluchistan’s politics. He said that even though we got our Independence in this month (August) but we have also lost many of our leaders in the same month. Leaders like, Nawab Bugti, Dr Khalid, Dilwash, Lavang Khan and Shaheed Mehrnahad.

MS ESTELLA of CAMPACC (Campaign against criminalising Communities) said that she was pleased and honoured to be in the meeting and to remember 11th of August. She this day has two importance first is the freedom of the Baloch people which was the hopeful day that the Baluch will be free and run their own affairs, The second the involvement the British and other government and having since prevented the Baluch people carrying out their legitimate right to run their own affairs. She said it was very sad that the British government has detained two Baloch activists who were campaigning against their Human Rights and freedom. She said “I would like to do my modest best to raise Baluch and other oppressed nations”.

AHMAD MARRI said the phase of globalization plays its utmost role, we also find it to be a constructive mechanism that can be utilized in a affective manner, through which the complicit nature and in humane acts being imposed upon patriotic native Baluch.

The nation has lost wise customary men and sons of soil, in the battle knowing that complete freedom will prevail and the nation will rise and mark its right in the world we live in. “let us today indicate a difference by personifying unity and a strong will amongst one another and should not forget that greed is a curse, which if not resisted will invariably obliterate our subsistence” He said.

TARIQ SABRO BALOCH said, Baluchistan was independent state and Pakistan invaded Baluchistan at gunpoint. “Unfortunately the international community has ignored the Baluch conflict. We are struggling for our independence only” he said. “We will not accept your domination anymore and we will continue our struggle for Independence” he added.

JAMSHID AERI in his speech stressed that the independent was right of every nation and Unity was the path to Independence. He said that Iran was more brutal than Pakistan as they are executing Baloch on daily bases. He said that Iran occupied Balochistan in 1928 and Baloch have been struggling against the occupation since then.

DR. LAKHU LOHANA from World Sindhi Congress said the Baluch struggle has been the great source aspiration for others suppressed nation. No nation can be kept slave forever. Pakistan is the artificial state, Baloch and Sindi Nation were nations thousands of years ago and Balochistan and Sindh existed on the map the world since thousands of year. In 1950 J.M Syed predicted that Pakistan will become the source of destabilization for the world.

Today the Pakistan became the great aspiration for terrorists. “We have been warning the world not to support Pakistan because it will become a great danger not the entire world”, he added. He urged the Baluch and Sindhi Nation to continue their struggle for freedom. He said that “Baloch Nation though in chains but should be proud, proud of the fact that their never accepted slavery. Baloch are a Nation, Balochistan is a country and Independence is their birth right. Independence is possible and Baloch and Sindhi are going to get their Independence and nobody can enslave anymore”

DR. MUSTAFA said we have nothing against other nations we respect them and they should respect us. Sooner or later Balochistan will become Independence, we (Baluch) should prepare for it. Pakistan is the criminal state, Iran is criminal state, Baluch have problem with that.

MEHRAB SARJOV said, Persian has occupied western Baluchistan. The Baluch people in the western Baluchistan never has given up hope for free Baluchistan. They have resisted Persian domination. Baluch have fought Persian whenever they had man power and resources. Unity among Baluch is a solution to the independent Baluchistan.

SORYA MAKHDOM said that Sindhi were also struggling for their Independence but their way of struggle is different than of the Baluch way of struggle. She said Sindhis have tried their best to help Baloch in difficult times. Sindhis have time and again had honoured Baluch freedom fighters and Baloch freedom struggle. “We have close cooperation with Baluch here in UK” she said.

ISMAEL AMIRI who also chaired the meeting has said that Baloch people must not trust the Pakistani and Iranian rulers anymore. Pakistani and Persian rulers have deceived the Baluch since the creation their artificial states. He said “enough is enough and we shall not trust them anymore”. Pakistani and Iranian system are not trust worthy and Baloch should unify among themselves and struggle for freedom.

KHAN OF KHALAT MR. SULEMAN KHAN said today is a day of Independence for us whether it was short lived or long lived. He said “we might have lost battles but the war is not over yet. People back in home are rejoicing and we are here declaring the same”. He said he doesn’t agree with the terms Eastern and Western Balochistan as there is only one Balochistan. He said Baloch are suffering at the hands of Both Iranian and Pakistani Regimes.

NAWABZADA HYRBYAR MARRI started his speech by pointing at the map of Balochistan saying that Pakistan did not existed on the map of world but Balochistan existed hundreds years ago.

Full Text of Hyrbyair Marri’s speech

An American political leader of the 18th century, Colonel Robert Green Ingersoll once said, “What light is to the eyes–what air is to the lungs–what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man. “

On 11 August 1947, Balochistan was declared as an Independent state, however this freedom was short lived.

History tells that the Baluch have always resisted foreign invaders and no one has conquered the brave Baluch Nation.

It is a sad fact that on this memorable day of glory and joy, we have to start by stating the unfortunate fact of our illegal occupation which began on 27th March 1948. We wish to inform the world and our youth that we haven’t been slaves forever, at one time, we too were a dignified and sovereign nation, and soon God-willing, with the determination and commitment of our nation for the revival of its liberty, Baluchistan once again will inevitably rise before the world as a proud independent country, as it was before 27 March 1948.

The Baluch have seen nothing but tyranny, grief and agony since the day Baluchistan was forcefully assimilated into Pakistan.

In essence, the actions of the Pakistani occupiers towards Baluchistan and its people amount to nothing less than the systematic elimination and genocide of the Baluch people, the ruthless exploitation and plunder of Baluchistan’s natural wealth and the ethnic flooding of Punjabi- Pakistanis on Baloch soil.

The crime of the secular and democratic people of Baluchistan is that they desire to live with dignity and peace in their homeland and not under the yoke of the religious fundamentalist military establishment of Punjabi-Pakistan who are a real threat to regional and international peace and security.

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will get neither and lose both.”

The Pakistan army is bent upon destroying the identity of the Baluch nation by all means. This is because it is faced with a resistance to its arbitrary methods of hegemony, its exploitation of our nation’s resources, and its continual discrimination against the Baluch in all spheres of life.
The Pakistani army is using the most advanced military technology and ruthless tactics to ensure the suppression and continued occupation of the Baluch nation.

Since the inception of this false Islamic republic, every other nationality within its boundaries has been oppressed humiliated and violated for the sole benefit of the tyrannical fascist Punjabi army and the elite, therefore we always refer to Pakistan with its true name “Punjabi-Pakistan”.

Has the world forgotten that it was the same fascist Pakistani army who raped pillaged and killed millions of Bengalis in order to maintain their hegemony? It is also clear through history that this artificial nation and its army can as easily crumble as it was formed. Bangladesh is a living proof.

“When the people fear their occupiers, there is tyranny; when the occupiers fear the people, there is liberty.”

The sacrifices of the Baluch martyrs and the struggle of the Baluch youth have brought the Baluchistan issue to the forefront of international politics. A clear example of this can be seen in the recent joint statement issued in Sharm – al Sheikh by Pakistan and India where Pakistan alleged that there is foreign intervention in Baluchistan, therefore the level and intensity of the freedom movement is unprecedented. This joint statement should be a great inspiration to the freedom-seeking Baluch nation that their efforts have not gone in vain. Pakistan is on its knees and is crying for help in the international community to save itself.

International community should not be shy talking about Balochistan and the Human Right violations that Pakistan is committing against the Baloch people. It is the moral responsibility of International powers that they should raise the issue of illegal occupation of Balochland and stop Pakistan from abducting, illegally arresting and killing our leaders and youth in cold-blood. If International and NATO forces can intervened in Kuwait, East Timor and Kosovo and used their power to stop the ongoing aggressions against the people of these countries, the same way they should intervene in Balochistan. The silence of international powers will cost the Baloch innocent lives. That is why the International Community must act now before it is too late!

I’d like to finish with a quote of a German novelist Paul Thomas Mann “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil” we should not tolerate Pakistan’s evil designs.

We, the Baluch, stand for freedom. That is our conviction for ourselves; that is our only commitment to our nation. ”

Source: Baloch Warna

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