Ehasn Arjmandi Baloch political activist arrested in Makuran Costal Highway

Ehasn Arjmandi Baloch Political Activist today arrested in Makuran Costal highway during travelling from Mand to Karachi sources said near zero point some unknown persons came and arrested him in the coach.

Ehsan Arjomandi is a Norwegian citizen.

Source: Karachi Baloch organization

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One response to “Ehasn Arjmandi Baloch political activist arrested in Makuran Costal Highway

  1. Ali Arjemandi/ Raisi

    Yes, I was informed yesterday. Ehsan is my younger brother. He went to Balochistan to see the situation of our people first hand, but Pakistani inteligence agencies arrested him and I have tried through various ways to fill a FIR in Pakistani police stations both in Karachi and Balochistan. The Pakistani aouthorities not only rejected to register the abduction case of my brother but allso tried to intimidate our people!!!
    So like our all other barred love ones, Ehsan allso abducted and taken to unknown location!!! I think it is the high time for all Baloch people to unite for last leg our long struggle to freedom and break the chain of slavery. On the way of freedom, imprisonment , tortur and sacrifices are essential.
    Long live our most dearest Balochistan

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