Protest demonstration in Sweden (Stockholm) on Aug 11

Independence Day of Balochistan

SWEDEN: BSO (Baloch Student Organization Azaad) and BUC (Baloch Unity Conference) are organising a protest demonstration in Sweden (Stockholm) on 11 August 2009 “Balochistan Independence Day”. They have requested all Baloch living in Sweden and other freeborn and freedom loving people to take part in the protest and help them to highlight the ongoing barbaric brutalities and Human Rights Violations by Pakistani and Iranian regimes in Balochistan. Both the regimes have stepped up executions, abductions, state sponsored target killings and arrest of innocent people including students, teachers, political activists and other civilians. The detainees are often tortured and coerced to confess crimes that they did not commit.

The protest is also aimed to remind the International Community about enslaved Baloch Nation that once holding an Independent sovereign state of Balochistan (on 11 August 1947) is now under forced and illegal occupation of foreign forces such as Iranian and Pakistani armies.


Odenplan, Stockholm (Green Metro line)

11 August Tuesday 14:00 to 16:00 (2pm to 4pm)


Contact: Salaal Baloch
On Email:
Cell #: 0046 – 760688378

1) BSO Azaad – (Baloch Student Organization)
2) BUC – (Baloch Unity Conference)

“Struggle till Victory, Liberation is Our Destiny”

Salaal Baloch and Gull Baloch

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