No foreign help for Baloch struggle: BRP

By Saleem Shahid – DAWN

QUETTA: The Baloch Republican Party has rejected the government’s allegations against its president, Nawabzada Barmdagh Bugti, and termed them an attempt to divert the world attention from the struggle for an independent Balochistan.

Sher Mohammad Bugti, a BRP spokesman, in a statement here on Wednesday also dismissed charges that India was providing assistance to Barmdagh Bugti, saying no foreign country was helping him. ‘The Baloch are fighting for their independence without any foreign help.’

He said massive arrests of party workers and atrocities against the Baloch people could not harm the struggle. ‘The government wanted to hide its atrocities perpetrated against the Baloch people from the world by launching a baseless propaganda,’ he added.

He said false cases were registered against Nawabzada Hairbyar Marri in London, but the British court freed him for want of proof.

He said arrests, kidnappings and killings of BRP workers and other Baloch people had become the order of the day.

The BRP spokesman appealed to the international community to take notice of what he called brutalities of security forces against the Baloch.

He said the authorities were not allowing the media to visit Dera Bugti and Marri because they were still no-go areas. ‘The international community should send independent observers to monitor the situation in these areas.’


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