Kalpars accept responsibility for Mureed Bugti’s killing

By Malik Siraj Akbar

QUETTA: A spokesman for the Kalpar clan of the Bugti tribe on Tuesday accepted responsibility for the assassination of Baloch Republican Party’s (BRP) central committee member Mureed Bugti on June 19.

Refuting the BRP’s allegations against the government and the loyalists of Mir Aali Bugti for Mureed’s killing, Wadera Khair Din – a spokesman for the Kalpar Bugtis – telephoned the media and said Mureed had been killed, as per Baloch tradition, to avenge the murder of innocent people which Mureed had sponsored during his life time.

He condemned the BRP for calling the assassination a case of political killing. “The BRP is fooling the people of Balochistan. Mureed was not a political leader but a source of lawlessness and constant trouble to the area with his terrorist activities,” he said.

“He [Mureed] carried out attacks against my family at least six times. In a landmine blast, my brother Shah Gul and nephew Gul Baig were killed. Therefore, we decided to avenge the murder of our men by killing Mureed. There is no politics involved; this is tribal revenge,” he added.


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One response to “Kalpars accept responsibility for Mureed Bugti’s killing

  1. Tariq Baluch

    It is the responsability of respected Baluch leader to ensure that peace is restored between the two tribes. When will the killing stop? It is obvious the Pakistani are benefitting from this senseless feaud.

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