Speech of Shaheed Lala Munir’s Son (Video)

The Great Shaheed e Balochistan Lala Munir Baloch’s Son delivering  a Historical Speech in Panjgoor on the Occasion of Martyerdom of his Father.


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One response to “Speech of Shaheed Lala Munir’s Son (Video)

  1. Ali Arjemandi/ Raisi

    Mr. mir Aali Saheb… it is very strange that such a person in your caliber and family back ground, go and shake hand with the murderer of your father… Do you know, what the Quisling in English dictionary and literature means? Do you sir, know who Mr. Quisling was? If you do not know, open and English language dictionary, you will find the meaning of the word of Quisling. In fact before 9. April 1940, there was no a word in English language. But when the Nazist German forces of Hitler invaded the smal peacefull country of Norway, there came a former social worker before the German forces, by the name of Vidkun Quisling, and annonced his colaboration with them!!! Contrary to the will of Norwegian people, her elected government, and formed a so called pro-German government in Oslo.
    And from the 9. of April 1940, a new word entered in English and world dictionaries, and the word, is and was and will be;; QUISLING!!! This word is well known and being used all around the world for those people, who against the will of their people go and cooperate with their national enemy, like what you do today sir!!!
    Mr. Aali saheb. do you want to be printed in the history books of Balochistan, as the QUISLING of Balochistan? Do you know, what your children and grand children will called? They will be pointed by the fingers of other Baloch children, that,,, oh these are the sons or daughters of Balochistan`s QUISLING!!!
    Do you know, to give in to temporary temptation, will have a long standing effect to your name and future? Mr. Aali saheb, do you know what the Baloch people are thinking about you right now?
    They are thinking of you as a big KHAEN, GHADDAR, or in English the QUISLING of Balochistan. Do you want to be known as such? If I was asked to be the King of any country with the all privilleges that title may have, and instead give up just the thinking of being a Baloch, I would never done so.
    While you have recieved nothing from the occupying forces of Pakistan. You by doing so, even have lost your freedom of movement!!! Before being the so called Navab of the Bugtis, you were free at least to walk free, but today , by giving in with the enemy, are not able even walk out of the Bugti fort!!!
    Hurry on man, do a brave act, and announce to all that you stand with your brother, Brahamdag and Baloch people and obey the will of Baloch people.

    Be an example of bravery like your grandpa!!! If you move back to your people, and give in to Baloch people, you even will be bigger than the great Shahid of Balochistan, SHAHID NAWAB AKBAR KHAN BUGTI!!!
    Come on,,, and do so before it is late for you…

    Long Live Baloch and free Balochistan,
    and death to the QUISLINGS of any nation!!!

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