Baloch Children & Women protest against govt of Pakistan and Iran in Quetta (Pics)

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5 responses to “Baloch Children & Women protest against govt of Pakistan and Iran in Quetta (Pics)

  1. man pa wati maten watane hatera arwaden janjal sageen
    bale polen maten watan sara nainsafee bardasht nakahin
    sabzbat mani maten watan

  2. salam

    ya ali madad

    allah tum ko apne maqsad min qamyab kare

    akbar bugti zindabad,,,,

    altaf bhai zindabad,,,,,

    mqm zindabad,,,,

    pakitani yazid panjabi murdabad

  3. The balochi national peot is some mistak please correct it

  4. NAEEM


  5. Ali Raisi

    Salam and greatings to fellow Balochs…

    Once a wise politician and statesman said: When the women and children entered in a freedom movement, then there is 100% garantee of success of that movement. And the Baloch movement have reached to that extra ordinary stage!!!
    It should be clear to the Pakistani and facsist Iranian regimes and establishments, that no gun ever have succeeded in crushing the will of a nation. And you never succeed crushing and subdueing the brave freedom seeking and innocent Baloch people. And there is 100% garantee that the Baloch nation will get it`s freedom and independence. It is just the question of time, and unfortunately, it will just will cost us more dear lives!!!
    You, the Pakistani, and Irani governments, should remember, if the upper hand and supper power France could crush the independence seeking Algerians, then you can crush the of the Baloch nation!!! If the Great Britain, could crush the independence seeking Indians, then you could crush the Baloch`s will for independence. It is high time to both of you Iran and Pakistan, to come to the terms, that you can not crush, and subdue the innocent and just freedom seeking Baloch. So, do not waste the time, and do not waste the dear lives of either Baloch or your own occupying mercenarry forces, go for a just settlement with Baloch, and look forward a good cooperation with the Baloch nation. You, the Pakistani and Iranians, should realize that, the time of oppressing and colonialiazing a nation has gone for ever. And that time will never come back. You should come to the term that, the Baloch nation will never allow you any more, to humiliate, exploite and do unjustices against this noble poor nation. You should go for a negotiation with the Baloch for a good and productive neighborhood, not confrontation, and thinking that you supperior and better. You may have an equipped army today, but moraly you are very inferior to the Baloch. Because , Baloch are fighting in their own land to defend their women, children , elderly and above all their human dignity. But you? What? You are sending mercenaries, from, Punjab`s cities and villages to the cities and villages of Balochistan, in order to kill them til they submitt themselves like slaves to you, or fight you back and kick you of their soil.
    The same is the case with Persians. You Iranians are sending fanatics, brainwashed, gangsters from the cities like Qom, Isfahan, Tehran so on, who have no respect to life at all, to Balochistan, to subdue and ensalve the free born Baloch!!! Do you thinks you succeed? I dont think so. Because the history has shown, that it never had happened. You may get a military uppherhand for a short spane of time, but not for ever.
    You the Pakistani, and Irani leaders, should remember the fate of much stronger dictators like Milosevic. Remember what happened to him? Are you stronger than him or have you a stronger case against the Baloch, like he had against other nations in Balkan? If the fews had the right to hunt, prosecute Nazi members of Hitler regim who committed crime against the jews, then why not the Baloch should not have the same right to bring all those Irani and Pakistani leaders and military commanders to justice? And if you continue your barbaric injustices against the Baloch, it is garanteed that you, one by one will be hunted and brought to justice. And after Balochistan`s independence, if you were not alive, then your family, your children, your children`s children, would have to pay for your misdeeds. We will hold all your generations accountable, in order, nobody in future could dare to committ and crime against other people. And if your children could not get the ultimate punishment of death sentence, but their assetts worldwide will be confiscated.
    You, the Pakistanis and Iranis, should know that we allready have made lists of the children of general Ayoub Khan, general Tikka khan, Buhtto`s, Musharrafs, Sharif`s of the highest levels, to lowest and their local collaborators!
    On the western Balochistan, the Pahlavi family, Alams, Jehanbanis, all appointed governors, persians who were moved by the Pahlavi regim to Balochistan in order to change the demographic structure of Balochistan against the Baloch, and these later became the tools of the Islamic regim, to further suppress the Baloch nation. We know you all, we know your origion cities and villages, we know your family and clan members, and we can revenge you. But we do not believe in extrajudicial killings, therfor we wait till our justice system is on place then we will bring you to justice. All those personell who are being sent to Balochistan, in order to prolong the Baloch grievences, should know very well, that you are enlisted to the criminals against the innocent Baloch nation, and either you or your ancestors will pay for your deeds.
    Here I ask, all Balochs, from either side, note and write down the names , positions, places, and dates that these people, participated in crimes against humanity in order, to bring them befor either international tribunals, or before our own justice system, and ask them, why they did all these cruelities against innocent Baloch.
    It is the duty of all Baloch, who can read and write, to note about all these collabolators, and mercenaries of these regimes.

    In the end I tell you all, who are part of the Pakistani and Irani governments bearucracy, intelligence and so called security forces, be cautious, what ever crime you committ against the Baloch, will not go free. You will face for your actions against poor innocent Baloch. And you have time right now, disobey from your commanders in killing, torturing and disappearing of Baloch. Leave these nasty, unhuman positions, seek some thing honorable. You Baloch intellectuals, as I said and asked you, ask you again, note, and find all security, intelligence, army, Basij, Sepah and other personell of both governments, note their names. Their residents. Locate their where abouts, their family and clane where abouts. And at last, if you can, note the crime, type of crime they committ against the Baloch, and deliver all these information to Baloch human rights activistes and political workers. I tell at the end to these criminals, you may feel safe today from prosecution or revenge, but garanteed not for ever.
    God bless us all!!!
    God bless Balochistan!!!
    Long live Baloch and Balochistan.
    Ali Raisi,
    Oslo, Norway

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