Activist slanders Baluch martyr, falls from grace

Ahmar Mustikhan

An activist who called a Baluch martyr an agent of the infamous Inter Services Intelligence on the very same day the news of the slaying at the hands of the I.S.I. became public was barred from a protest rally against President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to Washington DC.

The activist, Wahid Baloch, founder of the web site named Baloch Society of North America, had condemned Baloch National Movement chief Ghulam Mohammed Baloch for saying that the kidnapping of John Solecki, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, had brought the Baluch question to international attention.
He called Ghulam Mohammed an I.S.I. agent in the public discussion groups called, and

These discussion groups are highly popular among Baluch international politicos and their friends.

“Waja Ghulam Mohammad’s role has been doubtful. He told a gathering last month in Pasni that John Solecki’s kidnapping have internationalized Balochistan case….”

Solecki was kidnapped on February 2 and his dirver Syed Hashim was killed in an ambush by Baluch nationalists demanding of the United Nations to act more proactively into forced disappearances of Baluch, including women at the hands of the infamous Inter Services Intelligence.

But just a day before Solecki’s release on April 4, Pakistani intelligence sleuths belonging to the ISI and Military intelligence kidnapped Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, 45, Lala Munir Baloch, 50, and Sher Mohammed Baloch, 35 from their lawyer’s office in the town of Turbat.

“May some one ask what these so called ‘freedom fighters’ what were they doing in Kachkol’s office? drinking tea….?? those who are true freedom fighters will not drink tea openly at the corner. Atleast, we not going to buy this story and these ISI dramas…. being arrested and released to boost his popularity and to distract people from the real situation,”” Wahid Baloch wrote in the yahoogroups.

The badly mutilated bodies were recovered from the Pidarak foothills, on the outskirts of Turbat. According to family and friends the three were shot in the head and their bodies thrown from military helicopters.

Hours before the gruesome killings led to massive revolt in baluchistan, Wahid Baloch further wrote, “Can some ask this paid ISI Agent what is he upto?”

The idea of the rally on May 6 originated in Toronto in discussion among Baluch and Sindhi activists.

Munawwar Laghari, an organizer of the event and former director of the World Sindhi Institute was clearly told by the Baluch in Toronto not to invite Wahid Baloch to the rally.

However, Laghari, who was one of the main mentors of Wahid Baloch and had got him connected to the activism circuit in Washington DC, on returning to the U.S. called Baloch on the phone and asked him to attend the event; Wahid Baloch booked his airplane ticket from Jacksonville, Fla.

Baluch activists in North America were enraged over the invitation. Subsequently, Laghari called Wahid Baloch and asked him not to come.

“Laghari told me not to come as he said he was warned about a possible bloodshed,” Wahid Baloch said. “I do not want any bloodshed and canceled my ticket.”

Laghari refused to comment.

Wahid Baloch defended his stand Saturday evening and rejected the idea of publishing an unconditional apology.

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